4 FAQ’s About Litter Boxes


It is fun and satisfying to live with a friendly and obedient pet. However, most people find themselves uncomfortable when it comes to scooping their pets litter. This household chore is not very disturbing for women, but it gets on the nerves of most men. Thanks to intelligent innovation, this chore can be satisfactorily done using an automatic litter box. However, this litter boxes relatively priced than the manual one. Besides cost, below are some commonly raised concerned raised by most people about self-cleaning litter boxes.

Does it work with Trained Cats?sDWDDdvAWFbgres

This is a common concern raised by pet owners that are tired of cleaning up the litter boxes and the pee that puddles up. As such, the self-cleaning litter box works well with trained cats considering that it intelligently scoops the cats pee into a separate compartment thus prevents it from puddling up. Some choosy cats tend to refuse using these units. In such instances, there is need to retrain the pets for a couple of times a week.

Are they Noisy?

Well, like with most automated units, the moving components are bound to produce some sound. As such, the sound generated by this unit might disturb you depending on where you have placed it. For the cat, the sound can fascinate some cats though some can be scared away by this sound. Overall, the sound produced is not too much is tolerable and those pets that find themselves disturbs can learn to live with it over time.

How long do they last?

Well, the durability of these units depends on the unit you buy. With a quality unit from a reputable manufacturer, you can be assured that your litter box can last relatively long. However, it all depends on how you use it. This explains why some people use it for decades with others only using it for a couple of weeks.

Are they expensive to maintain?

QAFCfsbgnhdAqFCThe maintenance cost depends on the condition of the litter box and model you buy. The maintenance costs with old models can be quite high, but newer models can be cheaper to use. Besides low power ratings, some also present the user with an option of re-using the tray.

When shopping for a litter box, you will realize that there are different brands to choose from. As much as there top models, there is no clear leader. The litter box selected should solely depend on your preferences and the cat using it.