Do you Have Back Pain? Pick the Best Memory Foam Mattress Using These Guidelines


Back pain no doubt affects the quality of sleep. A research conducted by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), showed that more than 80% of people worldwide are on the risk of upper, lower and middle back pains at some point in their lives. The research also revealed that 40-60% of people sleep improperly. Fortunately, foam mattress manufacturers have come up with the best product for people suffering from any form of back pain.

A good foam mattress does justice to the back by relaxing muscles and encouraging a good sleeping posture. Memory foams have great properties and behaviors that relieve joint and back pains substantially. It has three layers (comfort layer, support layer, and base layer) each made up of a different material for extra comfort and durability. Do you have back pain? Pick the best memory foam mattress using the following guidelines;


jhsjhsasajhsasaThe basic factor of consideration for any memory foam mattress is its thickness. The sizes vary depending on the country. For instance, the UK refers to the thickness categories as a single, King Size, Double Sized, and Super King while America has names such as Twin, Full XL, Twin and Twin XL. The minimum and maximum thickness for most foam mattresses are 7 inches and 16 inches respectively. A relatively thin and flexible foam mattress is advisable for adjustable beds while thicker ones are a better option for beds that need elevation. Please note that thick doesn’t necessarily mean better quality regarding memory foam mattresses. Be sure to pay more attention to the foam type and materials used to manufacture the product.

Foam type


Viscoelastic foam mattresses use petroleum-based polyurethane foam for manufacture. Some brands include Traditional Polyurethane, Standard and Petroleum based. This technology is perfect for motion isolation, joint aches, silent usage, durability, availability and back pain relief. The disadvantage with this technology is that it becomes too hot to sleep in when the temperature is high because of its high heat retention. Some people also complain that it releases toxic off-gases.


Also referred to as natural or eco foam mattress, this is gaining popularity because it replaces the toxic chemicals like a gel with plant extract. This extract (aloe vera, soya or bamboo) is what is used to fill the mattress. The pros of this type include excellent motion isolation, good joint support, superior heat dissipation, no odors, no off-gases, and eco-friendliness. Because of these benefits, this mattress costs higher than the gel type and petroleum based type. It can also cause allergies in certain people.

Gel infused

hgshgsa76sahjsaThis is the latest technology in memory foam mattress designs. It features the traditional viscoelastic type but with a million gel beads infused into it. This idea was birthed so as to enhance the heat retention of the viscoelastic types. The advantage is that the heat dissipates faster and is readily available. One shortcoming is that the mattress gives off gasses for the first few days, but the problem goes away before you know it.

To say that one memory foam mattress is better than the other would be a lie. It all depends on your personal preference, budget, and requirements. Ensure you make a worthwhile investment from the onset to avoid inconveniences in the future.