The residents of Flint are unable to drink tap water as its water supply was contaminated due to toxic levels of iron and lead in it.


According to various researchers people should use bottled water and lead filters even if the level of lead is much better than before.

Rick Snyder, the Governor of Flint, has declared a state of emergency asked federal government for immediate action.

In such situation many charities are helping the residents of Flint since January by donating water but they still need more help.

The residents of Flint are terribly in need of water for cooking, drinking and bathing even though pipes are being replaced due to contamination of water of entire city.

You can also donate water if you know how can you donate water to Flint?

Several organisations are making efforts to help the residents of Flint by loads of water like:

A Missouri based organization, Convoy of Hope, has donated bottled water, in partnership with four Flint churches, in nine truckloads to Flint residents.

The water is being distributed at some fixed distribution points where people and volunteers drive in to load their vehicle with water.

Several churches in Flint also deliver water door-to-door.

pebbles-652217_640Flint Child Health & Development Fund is taking care of the education and health of the water crisis affected children.

It helps in the delivery of community based critical services in the field of medical and public health to the children exposed to lead by drinking contaminated water.

They will also provide school health services, early literacy programs and education for nutrition in future to the affected children in Flint.
Flint Water Response Team also goes from place to place to collect resources and information from charitable units and government to help the residents of Flint.

They inform people how they can receive emergency resources, how they can apply for credit towards their water bill and how to get additional help by contacting governor’s office through their website.

They also provide information on how one can volunteer and how other charities can help the residents of Flint.

Thus you can also join hands with these organizations to donate water to the residents of Flint at this crucial time of water crisis.

You can also donate in cash as some of these charities also accept cash donation from those who cannot help in distributing water personally.

Now, we hope, you have the answer to the question “How can you donate water to Flint?”