The big thing these days to have at a birthday party event is to have a photo booth. But if you have never rented a photo booth before, here are important factors to consider before renting one.

The size of the booth

The size of the booth matters a lot especially when you are hiring a birthday photo booth. This will allow more people to take snaps at the same time. Moreover, other than the fun it offers, you want to have some joint snaps with the maids and your friends

Time to discard the photos

As to the company’s backup procedures, you need to know how long your snaps will be kept by the company before they are discarded. This will ensure that you have recourse if you lose your snaps, therefore the longer the company keeps them, the better.

The cost

The cost of hiring, as well as the time allowance, are also necessary factors to consider. Although most companies will include service men in their deals, it is good to confirm this too. It is good to hire from a reputable company to avoid surprises when you least want them.


These boxes are available in varied shapes. Shapes like booths, kiosks, tents, curtained rooms, etc. are available. Choosing the one that suits the party theme is something one can put up as a preference.

Check out the different functions

3These boxes have different functions to its name. The person may intend to present photographs as mementos to their guests. They may want to include special props and backdrops and thus checking whether they are of good quality and are hygienic is something one should keep in mind.

Fun factor to the party

The owner may intend to let their guest have a wonderful time at their party. They can even add props to the photo booth to make it that much more fun. And games to go along with the fun pictures.

Finalizing the type of image prints

Apart from letting guests take away images as mementos, several agencies intend to provide digital copies of the images captured that can be converted into image albums later.

2Also, ask if you get the photos on a flash drive or CD for you to keep all the photos also that way or if they upload it to their website or Facebook so all the guest can get a copy of other photos as well. This will make it more fun for all of your guest