FIFA Presidential Election

When Is The Next FIFA Presidential Election

The world governing body, FIFA, always elects its president after a period of four years.

Usually, it happens after the World Cup.

This means that the elections of the next president would typically be held after the 20018 World Cup events.

There however are several things that could add a twist to this owing to the recent unfolding at federation.


So, when is the next FIFA presidential election?

  • Things that trigger a change of election dates

Although the presidential term is four years after which they can seek reelection from the congress, there are various things that are likely to affect it.

Going by the history of this federation, there have been three presidents who have died while in office. In such a situation, a special committee can meet to elect a new president even when it is not yet time for the World Cup.

Before these special elections, the longest serving vice president takes over as the acting president.

  • Extraordinary Congress

In early 2015, the federation was forced to convene a special congress to elect a new president after the suspension and eventual banning of the former president.

This was just less than a year after the body held elections that had given the former president a new four year term.

This just adds to the explanations why there can be new elections even when the stipulated time has not been met.

The good thing is that the Federation’s constitution is clear on what should happen in every situation.

  • Qualification for the presidencystadium-510203_640

In order to be allowed to run as president, a candidate has to meet various requirements.

One of them is that the candidate should have the support of at least five member nations.

The candidates are also vetted by FIFA to ascertain whether or not they are suitable to manage football maters.

Most notably is the fact that there have been incidences when some of the presidential hopefuls were blocked from running because the federation was not convinced that they are suitable for the job.

In every election, there always are many activities that take place since it starts with more than a dozen hopeful until it narrows down to just a few serious contenders.

When is the next FIFA presidential election? Ideally, it would be after the 2018 World Cup.

However, nobody knows what could happen between now and then.

A small twist can affect everything and change the date of elections.